Improved layout for adding and editing contacts

We’ve updated the layout of the Add/Edit contact screen in OnePageCRM.

The update splits the form into separate tabs of “Contact info” and “Organization info”, making it simpler to add or edit contacts.
It allows you to create an organization initially, even when you don’t have any of the contact’s personal details. This happens in many cases as you set out to sell to a particular organization without knowing who to make a connection with.

We have also made it easier to edit an organization’s name when there’s more than one contact in it, along with some user experience improvements to highlight if the organization is new or existing, so you don’t accidentally create duplicates.

Would love to get your feedback on it as usual!

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Brian McHale
Brian McHale
Brian is a fan of all things technology, website and startup-related. A strong supporter of keeping the human 'personal touch' alive in sales, Brian is also a believer that "anything which can be successfully automated, should be".


  1. Avatar Angus Lyon says:

    Great new feature, that makes lead generation and management much simpler when there are multiple contacts in an organisation. this is particularly useful, when you only discover the other leads or decisions makers during the sales process

  2. Avatar Andre Gagne says:

    I like this new feature. Would be great to have the Status and Tags on the same page. Thx

  3. Avatar Bruce Harri says:

    Hi Blaine, thank you for updating your new features. I like this feature and I can find the contacts I need more quickly.

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