Michael FitzGerald’s Bio

CEO and Founder of OnePageCRM

A Design Engineer by trade and a problem solver by nature, Michael’s strength is in creating concepts that get to the heart of the ultimate user experience. His career evolved from designing everyday consumer products to building a successful CRM start-up from a napkin sketch.

LEADER – Leads by doing. Loves creating employment that allows people to “get on with their lives”.
INVENTOR and Problem Solver – a typical Briggs & Myers ENTP.
BRAVE (or FOOLISH?) – After building a raft to travel the Yukon River in Alaska.


Launched in 2010, OnePageCRM is designed, developed, and marketed from the tech hotspot of Galway, Ireland. This start-up is now moving into the exciting growth phase and expanding with a global team of software engineers that includes remote members from as far as Columbia and Russia. With an extraordinarily loyal customer base, building on this following, the aim is 60,000 customers in 6 years, growing the team and the app in conjunction.

Other Projects


NUIG graduate with an Engineering Degree, Michael has also worked as a Sports Science Technologist to Olympic Athletes and in Medical Device Product Design before venturing into the world of code.

Michael went back to college to study product design and mechanical engineering and worked as a product designer for SRAM Inc. He was headhunted as an inventor for Slendertone BMR Ltd. and from there started a software company. He set up his own software business, specialising in e-Commerce systems. It was there that he was unable to find a focused sales solution to grow his client base, leading him to sketch out a design for a sales focused CRM (Customer Relationship Management).


Being remarkable
It’s a form of marketing, it’s a form of sales, it’s a form of spreading the word, it’s a form of creating a tribe. Mediocrity is not an option.
Aim for excellence in all walks. We have just one shot at this world.

Building an eclectic diverse team, with equal pay and equal opportunities regardless of age, sex, or creed.  Unusually for a tech company and the STEM world, the gender balance is completely neutral.

Getting Things Done
The productivity principle Michael applied to his life and then to his sales software. GTD is known for its uncluttered focus on what needs to be done next, clearing the mind for creativity, action, and progress.

What People Say About Him

His customers: “This is a product with design at its core and the beauty of it is in its simplicity”.

His staff: “He knows how to tell a good story and capture the crowd, creative thinker, thinks big… In fact, he never stops thinking!”

His mother: “Give that job to Michael, he’ll find an easy way out.” 🙂

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