one-off onepagecrm sales webinar

OnePageCRM Masterclass | Unleash the full power of OnePageCRM!

What if we told you that you could get a fully customized sales report waiting in your inbox every Monday morning, without the need to even log in to your CRM?? Or that a single button could help you qualify leads in a matter of minutes?

That’s right. We’re here to reveal the hidden powers of OnePageCRM and help you become a OnePageCRM Champion, ready to climb the sales mountains and close more deals than ever before.

This December 5th, we’re hosting a one-off OnePageCRM Sales Masterclass that will help you make the most of our latest features, have an exclusive peek at the ones down the line, and get answers to the questions you were too shy (or busy) to ask! From the Split-Pane to the Focused User – we’ll show you all the smart hacks that our top sellers use to harness the full power of OnePageCRM.

Speaking of top sellers… A very special guest, Margo Crawford, from Wave Productivity will be joining us to chat about her Sales success journey and how exactly OnePageCRM helped her along the way!

Ready to master OnePageCRM?

Duration: 30 minutes
ROI: Invaluable

Watch the recording below or follow this link.

By attending this Sales Masterclass, you’ll learn about:

  • Lead Qualification: the story behind the Split Pane and best practice
  • Lightning-fast sales quotes: how to create authentic quotes in a couple of clicks
  • Custom reporting: how to get custom-made sales reports regularly delivered straight to your inbox
  • What’s in store for your favorite CRM: shhh! We told you nothing, but it might relate to a certain amount of Pipelines and new user views.
  • And plenty of smart CRM hacks to help you save time, be more productive and close more deals with less effort!

This Masterclass is a must if you are:

  • Ready to become a OnePageCRM Champion
  • A salesperson or a business owner looking for a powerful sales CRM
  • Interested in mastering OnePageCRM

We’re excited to bring you this exclusive live webinar. If you have any questions, please drop us an email to or tweet us @onepagecrm #onepagecrmchampion.