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OnePageCRM is the first action-focused CRM designed for franchisors who want to empower their franchisees to sell more,
get a clear visibility into their performance via a master franchise dashboard, and expand more rapidly.

Franchise CRM OnePageCRM

Franchise management

Stay in control of your franchise and sell more

  • Focus on lead performance indicators
    Our franchise CRM allows you to focus on lead rather than lag performance indicators. That means that instead of getting dry end-of-the-month/quarter reports with numbers you can no longer influence, you get to keep your finger on the sales pulse of your franchise. So you can act the moment you see your franchisee getting off track.
  • Dynamic cross-franchise dashboard
    Get the full visibility into the performance of all your franchisees with a visual and interactive dashboard.
  • On-demand and scheduled performance reports
    There’s no need to wait for an update from your franchisees. With OnePageCRM, you can generate the reports you need when you need them in a couple of clicks. As well as get them automatically delivered to your inbox on a daily/weekly basis.  

Franchise development

Grow your franchise into a global business

  • Cross-franchise sales process alignment
    Ensure consistent growth by implementing the same efficient sales process with consistent follow-ups across your whole franchise.
  • Best practice implementation
    Improve your overall franchise performance by introducing the best practices of your identified top performers to the ones lagging behind.
  • Preemptive problem solving
    Spot negative trends and provide timely support and training to your lower performing franchisees.

Franchisee empowerment

Give your franchisees sales tools to succeed

  • Consistent follow-up system
    Make it easy for your franchisees to follow up with every lead with OnePageCRM’s unique Next Action sales system.
  • Minimized admin
    Remove distractions and let your franchisees focus on what really matters—closing deals. OnePageCRM’s sales automation features  will take care of tedious manual data entry and admin.
  • Simple reporting
    There’s no need to turn reporting into a dreaded and time-consuming admin task. In OnePageCRM, generating and sending a report takes just a couple of clicks. 

You know you need OnePageCRM as your Franchise CRM if:

  • You don’t have a clear idea of how your franchisees are performing in
    “activity sales” on a daily/weekly basis. 
  • You are tired of playing catch up and seeing the performance issue only
    at the report stage when nothing can be done. 
  • You lack a centralized reporting system to give you an overview of your
    franchise performance. 
  • Your franchisees dread updating a CRM and sending in the reports. 
  • Your franchisees don’t follow a defined sales process or feel
  • You believe your franchise as a whole can perform better. 

How OnePageCRM can help your
Franchise Business:

  • Unified effective sales process implemented for your whole franchise with defined
    Next Actions.
  • Control over the sales journey of your franchisees and their progress. 
  • An interactive master dashboard that allows a full visibility into the performance
    of your franchisees and their sales activities.  
  • One centralized reporting area.
  • Daily/weekly reporting on your franchise performance without the need to involve
    your franchisees.  
  • Improved sales efficiency, performance, and focus of franchisees leading to
    the boost in sales and accelerated growth of your franchise!

OnePageCRM is perfect for:

sales process alignment franchise crm

Cross-franchise sales process alignment

franchise crm for performance tracking

Performance insights

staff onboarding with Franchise CRM

Sales training and onboarding

forecast revenue OnePageCRM

Revenue forecasting

Improve relationships franchise team

Improving franchisee relationships

Franchise CRM to stay in control

Growing your franchise

Here’s why other users chose our Franchise CRM

Margo franchise crm

“OnePageCRM was so easy to use and get started. In the first two months of using it I found an increase in sales and bookings. This top CRM system gets the job done.”

Margo Crawford

Productivity Coach at Wave Productivity
Howard Nicholls CRM Platform user

“Probably the best CRM available for ease of use and, more importantly, ROI. The idea of being accountable for the next action with a prospect makes all the difference. All other systems I have tried depend on the operator. OnePageCRM makes you take the next step automatically, even if that next step is to close the process.”

Steve Elliott

Owner at Thrifty Sites
Martin franchise crm

“OnePageCRM has been a game changer for our sales team. The Next Action sales method and Action Stream ensure we stay on track with leads, actions, and follow-ups. It’s simple and intuitive interface makes it one of the best CRM systems out there.”

Martin Leuschen

President & CEO at Computrek
Lan franchise crm

“OnePageCRM is just super clean and deceivingly simple, but with a lot of horsepower under the hood. Fabulous system. Just about all of the other CRM systems are missing key parts. These guys nailed it.”

Lan Merrill

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