sales training

Newsletter: The sales training edition

Only 7% of company training budgets are spent on improving the skills of the sales team. Yet continuous training leads to 50% higher net sales. Here’s how to do sales training well.

90% of sales training has no lasting impact after 120 days (elearninginfographics): This infographic shows how good sales training turns bad and what to do about it.

Sales Training Vin Diesel-style from the movie Boiler Room (YouTube): Vin Diesel’s sales call masterclass uses scarcity to increase perceived value and peer pressure to influence a buyer.

How I train rookie salespeople OutboundEngine’s SVP of sales Scott Leese explains why you need a cross between a sales bootcamp and an acting school.

How to motivate sales people (Quora): Reward rejections, call their spouses and Zumba.

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