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Newsletter: Can Sales Be Automated?

Forrester predicts that the US will lose one million B2B sales jobs to e-commerce and self-service by the year 2020. So what sales processes can, and cannot, be automated in the age of AI?

5 tech jobs machines will never be able to do (The Next Web): To avoid becoming telemarketers, sales staff need to combine analytics with superhuman social skills.

Oracle has automated 30% of its sales (Business Insider): Oracle’s CEO says 30% of the 80 sales calls it takes to close a deal have been replaced by marketing automation.

How Traditional Salespeople Can Stay Relevant In The Age Of Automation (Fast Company): Shift your mindset, leverage your uniqueness and use technology to free up time.

SaaS products don’t sell themselves (Andreesen Horowitz blog): Enterprise sales is about helping customers get through their own tortuous internal buying process.

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