Online CRM

Online CRM Designed For Sales

An online sales CRM gives you easy access to your data on the go from any device, saves you money as it eliminates timely installation costs and increases productivity overall.

Benefits of an online sales crm:

  • Reduces costs
  • Close more deals
  • Simple set up
  • Accessible support team & up to date resources
  • Real time updates

Close more deals

Having access to your sales pipeline whilst on the move is crucial to your sales success. Cloud based CRM’s are ideal for sales people as they can readily access their data on their mobile with the release of native iOS and Android mobile apps, allowing them to work smarter.It’s not so easy to access an on premise CRM system as it’s usually complicated and requires the assistance of an IT expert.

Simple set up

With online cloud CRM’s, you can create an account in a matter of minutes and be up and running in a few hours. On premise solutions are not so easy. They can be complex and require alot of setup and expertise.

Accessible support team & up to date resources

Cloud based CRM’s are designed to be easy to use. However, as customers may use the CRM in different ways, it’s important to have an awesome customer support team to hand to help onboard or answer any specific questions.

Online resources are also key to customer success.

Real time updates

Cloud based CRM’s are always updated in real time, meaning that your sales team can access the most up to date information at any time. There is no need to wait for scheduled maintenance or updates.

Does online cloud CRM’s increase sales?

Yes! As most cloud based CRM’s are simple to use and removes the complexity of traditional old school CRM’s, sales people can focus on what they do best – selling.

They can manage their sales pipeline, schedule actions, log call notes and meetings all on the go using the mobile app.Integrations with other cloud based solutions too brings advantages so it means you can get your web form connected to your CRM and get your CRM talking to your accounting software – all of which are available for a monthly subscription fee.

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