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Main objective: Effective provisioning, installation/configuration, operation, and maintenance of systems, network, cloud services and related infrastructure.

Location: Galway (Ireland)

Starting: Immediate start


  • - Provisioning, securing, maintaining and monitoring servers and services
  • - Managing databases, backups, disk space, clusters, etc
  • - Setting up, managing and maintaining cloud services, accounts, API’s
  • - Creating, configuring, maintaining, moving services between servers/providers
  • - Network setup/configuration/maintenance/security
  • - System, server, database, and service failover/resilience/disaster recovery
  • - Maintaining marketing and other site stacks
  • - General IT, systems and network firefighting


  • - Sharp, hard working and organised
  • - Strong analytical skills and technical problem solving
  • - Strong attention to detail and quality-focused
  • - Enjoys the shackle-free and creative journey of a small team
  • - Has a sense of humor and fun (life’s too short for the alternative)


  • - Experience of database and database servers (SQL/ NoSQL)
  • - Experience of Linux systems, servers, containers, virtualization (Docker)
  • - Experience of networking, routing, subnet and firewall configuration, DNS, VPC, VPN
  • - Experience with automation and CI/CD technologies (BitBucket, Codeship, Kubernetes)
  • - Experience with cloud services and technologies (AWS, Google, Hetzner)
  • - Knowledge and experience of access, information, and cybersecurity best practices (GDPR, etc)

Is this you?

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