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Google Contacts + OnePageCRM


Keep your contacts in sync between Google Contacts and OnePageCRM, two-way and in real time using our PieSync integration.


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    PieSync keeps your contacts in sync between your favorite cloud apps:
  • Two-way and real time Google Contacts sync
  • Free 14-day trial with 10% discount if you subscribe to a paid PieSync plan
  • Ensure that all contacts are automatically available on your phone and in your CRM
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    OnePageCRM is a simple and effective sales CRM solution:
  • Focus only on the next action of each prospect to move a sale forward
  • Collaborate to keep your team in the loop with task assignment and notifications
  • Connect your sales process in the cloud with apps for lead gen, communication and invoicing
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with OnePageCRM

How the integration works

Evernote and OnePageCRM How it works

  • Sync criteria: Decide on the criteria your contacts must meet in order to be included in the sync
  • Sync direction: Decide on a one or two-way sync if you prefer a more controlled integration
  • Conflict management: If there are duplicates or deleted contacts in either account, you can set how they should be managed, as well as which app you want to win out if a conflict arises