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Experience the power of prominent business email client Outlook and OnePageCRM. Clip email contacts to OnePageCRM with one click and start selling!


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    Outlook is the most prominent business email client:
  • Send and receive emails to your contacts using Outlook across all your devices
  • Store contact details
  • Store events and appointments in Outlook's calendar
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    OnePageCRM is a simple and effective sales CRM solution:
  • Focus only on the next action of each prospect to move a sale forward
  • Collaborate to keep your team in the loop with task assignment and notifications
  • Connect your sales process in the cloud with apps for lead gen, communication and invoicing
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How the integration works

How OnePageCRM - Outlook Integration Works

  • Integration: Download Outlook Add-on to create a connection to OnePageCRM
  • Gather: Select the contact to ‘clip’ and click the OnePageCRM icon in the top ribbon
  • Next Action: New contact saved in OnePageCRM with assigned Next Action

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