Help Scout Integration: Add Context to Your Every Customer Interaction

OnePageCRM Help Scout integration

How it works

Help Scout is a great customer service software that focuses on “human” interactions. Instead of the usual ticket system, Help Scout brings emails, chats, and phone conversations into one shared inbox, making it easy for the customer support team to collaborate on them.  

The OnePageCRM and Help Scout integration allows you to display your CRM contacts and their details in their Help Scout profile. This way, every time you interact with a customer, you have all their important information—like contact details, associated deals, and even Next Actions—right there in front of you, providing the needed context.

What’s more, OnePageCRM and Help Scout integration empowers the collaboration between your customer support and sales teams, enhancing the customer experience and improving your company performance!

Key benefits

  • View existing OnePageCRM contact details such as Next Action, tags, status, pending and recently Won/Lost Deals, and custom fields during Help Scout conversations.
  • Reference both your conversations and customer details from a single location to never miss out on crucial information when responding to a customer.
  • Add new contacts to OnePageCRM from within Help Scout in just one click.
  • Use a quick link to open contacts in OnePageCRM.

See a step-by-step guide on how to integrate Help Scout and OnePageCRM.

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