Stories from the Road

Accounting SME Driving Change in Livingston

Accounting is dead. In its traditional form that is. Today’s accounting is not about keeping records in a shoe box, but about embracing technology and the developing needs of the customers. An SME in Livingston is leading the change.

Why UK SMEs need a global vision to thrive in today’s business landscape

There’s no question that SMEs across the UK now face a number of hurdles when thinking globally about their growth, and that the route for international expansion will remain a tricky one to navigate for small businesses. Yet the opportunity for global business success must not go unnoticed ...

The Power of Next Action in a Cask

What is the key to running a successful artisan brewery in the UK? How to get hired by Rolls Royce? And why are the first 10 seconds after the phone call crucial to closing the deal?

Success Leaves Clues

Ricky O’Donnell, CEO of RJDM Studios interviewed me for his Success Leaves Clues channel. Have a listen - he covers everything from how OnePageCRM got started, what we learnt along the way, to how the CEO Tour came about.

Non-Hooded Heroes of Nottingham

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when one mentions “Nottingham”? Chances are it’s Robin Hood. For me, it's now a city synonymous with proud business owners, exceptional customer support, and remarkably in-sync sales teams.

City of Inventions and GDPR Opportunities

Jaguar cars, agricultural breakthroughs, and potential GDPR opportunities. The 'motor city' of Britain, Coventry brought back memories and offered an interesting look into the future.

Local-Global Champions

When was the last time you went to a new shop before checking it out online first? Or a restaurant, a hotel? When in need of dry cleaners, would you go further than clicking a ‘near me’ button and checking their website? For better or worse, if a local business wants to expand, get noticed, and...

Entrepreneurial Mindset: Nature vs Nurture  

What does it mean to ‘think like an entrepreneur’? Is it the infamous 'outside-the-box' or does it mean setting that box on fire and starting from scratch? And are you supposed to be born with that special little 'something' or can you just pick it up along the way?

My Week in Pictures

Lots more miles covered, including the underground ones in London. Cambridge is beautiful, London buzzes and Brighton gave us blue sky.
The Midlands are next with customers in Nottingham, Northampton and Coventry…. the road trip continues.