Stories from the Road

Headshot Michael FitzGerald

What I Learned Walking in our Customers Shoes

What a 30-Day Trip around the UK Taught Me About Business Success. Last autumn, I set out on a 30-day trip around the UK, in a motorhome the likes of Jamiroquai’s, with a crucial message to deliver — for SMBs around the world it’s time to think global. New places, workshops, interviews...

Turning the Challenge into an Opportunity

I headed to Northern Ireland for the last leg of The CEO Tour to visit Michael Flanagan and the team. An inspirational family business who see an opportunity in every challenge.

The Challenge of Compact Innovation

The company I visited in Coalville, Instruments Direct, does a lot to inspire the next generation of scientists. I had a look at what drives the young minds and explored how size affects the level of innovation.

Sales Process on Creative Terms

Can creativity be embedded in your DNA? If so, Quint Boa from Shoot You Video Productions is a perfect example. His sales process reflects his non-stop pace. It might seem chaotic at a glance, but when you look closer you see that everything fits perfectly. Most importantly — it brings results.

First Aid for Sales Management

What makes a good teacher? You have to be patient, know your subject from top to bottom, and master a good bit of crowd control. But what else? Dave Simpson from STS First Aid brings the art of teaching into his sales management practises.

The Startup Van

The Startup Van

Mark McDonagh and Graham Hussey are the lads behind The Startup Van. They both had a passion for entrepreneurship and spent a lot of time reading articles and blog posts about new startups and entrepreneurs, but  wanted to do something new… and so The Startup Van was born. I met them in...

Walking in Our Customers’ Shoes

There are some things that you would never get from an email, a phone call, or a web form. You only get these insights by sitting by your customers and watching them use your product. In case of Hunts Office, for 6 productive hours.

Results-Driven Sales Mentality in Glasgow

This Galway IT company focuses on the objective behind their sales tools rather than the tools themselves, believes in 'overdelivering' in customer service, and explains why reaching out to a lead after one minute is a waste of time.

My week in pictures

This last week saw me head up north.  Starting in Nottingham, it was a great drive up through the Yorkshire Dales to bonny Scotland and Glasgow and Edinburgh. I ended the week by heading back down to London via the beautiful Lake District.