Sales Process on Creative Terms

When: October 17, 2018
Where: Addlestone
Who: Shoot You Video & Animation Production
Miles travelled: 1,919
Track of the Day: Fernando – ABBA

Creative DNA

For years, scientists have been debating whether creativity was a hereditary or a social feature. The auld question of Nature vs. Nurture. Recent studies showed that creative genius might as well run in the family. For Quint Boa, founder of Shoot You Video & Animation Production, that is certainly the case.

If you’ve ever seen “Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back”, you might recognise Quint’s father, Bruce Boa, as a Rebel Force General Rieekan. For me, however, he is better known as a particularly insistent American customer in Fawlty Towers who really wanted his Waldorf Salad.

The Sacred (Half) Hour

Following in his father’s footsteps, Quint joined the acting ranks. After multiple successful parts and voiceovers, he moved on to the Holy Grail of all productions, BBC. And that is where he worked on the show that back in the 80s made Thursday 7.30 pm a sacred time for every kid in the UK and IrelandTop of the Pops.

Long before X Factor and MTV, before on-demand Youtube, Top of the Pops was the only time you could see your favourite pop icons in the flesh. It was as close as you could get to being at a concert.

The beauty of Top of the Pops was its unpredictability. Once an act was in any charts, they could appear on the show. It was a brilliant pick’n’mix that made you sit through all the acts waiting breathlessly for the ones you love. You couldn’t just fast-forward or press ‘Next’ — you simply had to wait and see who was Number 1 that week. It was delayed gratification in action.

Creative Process

Having gained extensive video production experience, Quint joined forces with another BBC ‘graduate’, Matt Giles, to open Shoot You Ltd. With the rise of the Internet and global digitalisation, video and animation became a go-to tool for corporate communications. 20 years on, the company boasts large clients like J.P. Morgan, Hewlett Packard, MasterCard, and the EU. The produced videos are translated into 27 different languages and countless accents. 

Quint himself can produce a variety of accents, including a perfect American one. Not unlike his dad’s brilliant Fawlty Towers performance.

Quint is the very definition of a ‘creative’. Bursting with energy and ideas, constantly on the move, and doing a million things at a time. His sales process is tailored to his style and pace. It might seem chaotic at a glance, but when you look closer you see that everything fits perfectly. Most importantly — it brings results.

Visiting Shoot You Ltd. brought back fond memories, good laughs, and gave an opportunity to peek into the video future. Thank you, Quint, for a great meeting and good luck with conquering Brussels!

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