A Rare Set of Wheels

The One Two-of-a-Kind Motorhome

The 2.5-litre turbo diesel Knaus C-Liner is an ultra-hip 2-berth motorhome that resembles a luxury car, with leather air suspension seats, alloy wheels, and metallic body. No other motorhome, Winnebago or caravan offers this level of head-turning potential.

This vehicle is also about as exclusive as it gets: there are only two in the country – the one sandwiched between Jay Kay’s supercars, and this one!

Jay Kay’s Mobile “London Apartment”

Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay has a multi-million-pound collection of motors, including several Ferraris, a Lamborghini Diablo, and a James-Bond-style Aston Martin. But the singer, whose hits include Space Cowboy and Cosmic Girl, also owns something altogether different …a motorhome.

The self-confessed car nut, who spotted the Knaus C-Liner in a magazine, said:

 “I can roll into London in it, go to the clubs then drive home again in the morning. I’ll use it like my London apartment.”

Luxury on Wheels

Not only does the C Liner have a shower with four wall-mounted jets of water, it also has a 100-can capacity fridge, ambient lighting, a flushing toilet, a flat-screen satellite TV, and a sunroof that automatically closes when it rains. It also has a pretty serious 150hp diesel engine in the back, for some cross country motorway driving.

Built with a low-to-the-ground chassis, it has electronically controlled, air-cushioned leather seats that ride up and down with the suspension.

Almost one-third of the C Liner’s space is given over to a comfortable double bed, while the cab seats swivel around to form a lounge and dining space with a concealed table sliding out from beneath the kitchen’s fully equipped worktop and ceramic gas hob.

Blinds cover the windscreen and the side windows at the touch of a button.

A 15-inch flat-screen TV drops down from a concealed space above the kitchen, and a digital satellite TV system, with a roof-mounted dish that rotates around to find a signal.

Now that’s not a bad home for the month.

The CEO Tour Camper & dog
Rubber isn’t too impressed with his caricature!

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