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Research into the top B2B companies reveal how they organise their sales teams and reward their sales development reps (SDRs).

The report from this years research by The Bridge Group reveals answers to the most common questions on how best to build and manage a high-performing sales team.
One of the highlights for us in OnePageCRM was:

“Sales development reps who make 12 contact attempts (instead of the average 8) perform 16% better!”

How are sales reps basic pay and bonus structured?
How long does it take for an SDR settle in a company and reach full productivity?

All those answers and more are below in our Infographic that summarises up the great research from The Bridge Group who surveyed 355 leading B2B companies with sales development groups. Read the full report here.

SDR Sales Development Team Infographic

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  4. Phil says:

    This is a great infographic. The Bridge Group’s report is a very interesting read and this distills the major points in a very smart way. I still recommend checking out the entire report because there’s some serious gems in there about the lack of experience of SDRs in 2016 and how the industry is changing and adapting. Big changes afoot!

    • Laura Mc Hugh says:

      Thanks Phil,

      Couldn’t agree more, the infographic works as a great synopsis of the data, but always worth spending the time to read the entire report for those hidden gems!

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