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The Wisdom of the Sales Manager

Russ Thau is the VP of Sales at Intercom, which makes a customer communication platform.“I think selling is just one of those things you just have to learn over time,” he says. “You just have to experience it yourself to learn it.” Here are some of the things that Thau has learnt. Sales is politics… Read More

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Death of the Self-Obsessed Salesman

“I think salespeople think about themselves too much,” says Ralph Barsi, who leads ServiceNow‘s worldwide sales development organization. “They don’t think about the buyer. They don’t think about this as the start of a potentially long business relationship. I think that’s a big, big problem.” Barsi has spent 22 years in sales, both as an… Read More

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In praise of the so-so salesperson

“If you can’t successfully build a business with average salespeople, then you’re really going to struggle,” says Kevin Beales. “Because there’s not that many rock stars out there.” Beales is a co-founder of Refract, which tags video for coaching purposes. Coaching was a frequent task for Beales when he was a SaaS sales manager. Since… Read More

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Sales Bootcamp: How to train a rookie salesperson

For the last 10 years Scott Leese, SVP of Sales at OutboundEngine, has been the guy that founders call to get a new company off the ground. “I’m the first two to three years guy,” says Leese. “I’m going to get you from zero to a $50 million valuation. That’s my niche.” Leese has mainly… Read More

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Three Training Tips For SDRs

Why do rookie salespeople fail to make it in the profession? Scott Leese, SVP of Sales at OutboundEngine, says that in most cases it’s because they aren’t willing to make certain sacrifices and lifestyle changes. “They want more money and they want the promotion, but they still want to go out on three or four… Read More

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The Best Salespeople Are Great Teachers

Last year, Jim Keenan, better known as A Sales Guy, published a book called Not Taught: What It Takes to be Successful in the 21st Century that Nobody’s Teaching You. And what he thinks makes a great salesperson in the 21st Century is the ability to teach. Analysis “Part of teaching is what I call… Read More

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