Assigning a deal owner

We’re happy to release our latest update of assigning a deal owner. This new feature increases flexibility of managing deals which is especially important in a multi-user environment. Deals associated with a single Account can now be owned and nurtured by individual team members regardless of the overall owner of the contact. This enables team members to focus even more on their sales targets and ultimately winning deals! Filter by Team Member in the Sales […]

Product update: Activity Reporting

Ever wondered what your performance or conversion rates are? When busy with selling you focus on hitting the sales targets but it’s helpful to go back to analyze the past to see what brought a deal to a closure, which and how many actions were done to get the prospect over the line. Now with new Activity Reporting it’s easy to find out! Activity Reporting is a great tool for sales staff to keep track […]

Add file attachments to Notes & Deals

We’ve been asked for file attachments feature for a little while, I’m happy to say that this is now available. Our users can now add multiple file attachments to contacts’  Notes & Deals. Attach your deal quote files for a quick reference or important files related to this deal or contacts. Max attachment size allowed is 5Mb and each user can upload up to 1Gb of the file storage!

Product updates: Customization & profile picture

Customize, collect & record specific data to your business! We’ve added cool features to customize your OnePage account and make it even closer to your line of business. Use Custom fields such as  date field, text field or select box to store required unique information. We’re also introduced customisation of  Status Labels, Lead Source & Next Action Quick select. Check it out by clicking on each item. Update your contacts profile image You can now […]