New icon showing contacts with pending deals

Just updated our OnePageCRM app with something users were asking for on the main screen. Yes, that main screen that we protect so much to keep it simple and clean! From now, contacts in your Next Action list will have a deal icon associated with it. This is a simple circular icon at the end of the Contacts row that appears when you have a Pending deal associated with that contact. Pending deals are the most […]

Poised for rapid development with new Ruby on Rails and AWS platform

We’re very excited to announce that OnePageCRM is changing platform to Ruby on Rails and MongoDB. Further to this we are moving to Amazon’s Elastic Cloud servers; meaning all of your data will  now be backed up nightly. Ruby on Rails We’ve pretty much completed a straight conversion of the existing app, but you’ll notice some improvements: Better performance (faster and more responsive) Animation-effects improved Better search “Keep me logged in” functionality However, this great news is […]

Cold calling is alive and kicking

We’ve always suspected a particular “use case” for OnePageCRM was quickly processing leads. For example, a company may have a list of leads from some event or tradeshow and processing these in other CRM systems seems a right pain. OnePage makes it logical and fast to go through the list, follow up and sort the genuine leads from time-wasters. Some recent emails from OnePage users confirm that our system is being used in a similar way for “cold […]

Latest updates to OnePage app

New status options The Modes menu has been changed to better reflect the Sales process: Nurture Leads > Convert Prospects > Manage Customers > and Revive Inactive contacts. We’ve added Leads as a contact status option. The difference between Leads and Prospects? Prospects are those you’re actively guiding towards a sale, whereas with a Lead, you’ve had no interaction with… yet! We’ve also added General as a contact status, which can be used for partners, […]