Cool updates for the OnePageCRM app

OnePageCRM is getting a makeover to meet your needs, you the small business owner.In today's updates we've added: Contact Management, Themes and User Interface, Top tabs and Full details, and Google Contacts import.

Your feedback has been keeping us busy!

Because of all of the great feedback, we have been very busy this summer making changes and adding features that you have requested… Pawel, our tech lead, is coding for new features and integrations that have been requested by our users. Kaatya, our desiger and UX guru has been brightening up the OnePageCRM application as well as working hard to build an all-new marketing website. Tom (that’s me), the new Business Development Manager, is creating […]

A Simple way to Choose Content

You have a small business or you are working for one. Whatever your objectives, a blog may be a part of your strategy, whether it is to increase visibility or to drive traffic to your site. Deciding on blog content can be tricky, particularly if you are new to blogging. So maybe this picture will help. List down the problems and needs of your target market. Then list the skills or expertise you have. For both […]

Sourcing Sales Leads

It is the start of a new sales period. Targets have been set and you have to meet them. Whether you are a business owner or a salesperson, you face the challenging task of prospecting, qualifying and converting leads into sales for the business and a paycheck for you! Taking the time at the start of your sales period to generate leads will give you the freedom to focus on hitting and beating those targets. […]