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OnePageCRM review: Top notch CRM solution for small businesses

Renee Blodgett is the CEO of Magic Sauce Media, founder of We Blog the World and an avid traveller. Renee created a really accurate CRM review of OnePageCRM and we’re proud to repost it to our blog. Top notch CRM solution for small businesses I’ve always been interested in CRM solutions, particularly ones aimed at small businesses. I find the expensive and complex tools like Salesforce, don’t really serve the SOHO market. I had a sit down […]

OnePageCRM Beta Launch

Launch of OnePageCRM beta product.

OnePageCRM nominated as Top CRM 2011

Cool! We’ve been nominated for the “Top CRM Solution” again this year! If you have a minute, please click on the graphic above and give us your vote. Should only take a minute or two. Thanks a million.

Email dropbox, LinkedIn search, Popups & API

Email Dropbox Now you can automatically store emails sent to contacts in OnePage! When you click on a contact’s email address (opening your default email client), OnePage places an address in the Bcc field that sends the message to your OnePage account and associated with that contact. Find contacts on LinkedIn As you know OnePage is really suitable for business to business service organisations. And where do business customers hang out? Yep, LinkedIn. We’ve just […]