follow up

Follow this single rule and solve your cashflow problems

It’s just after mid-day and among a slew of other tasks; I’ve had to follow-up on about a dozen customers who owe us money. Some of them are only just due to pay, some are slightly overdue, and some are annoyingly way past the point at which my patience is guaranteed. Each one of them has received previous communications about their account from me. Be it an invoice with a note, a reminder, or a […]

Custom filters, Unified menu & More GTD

OnePage app updates: The much requested Custom filters has been added. This gives real focus on a subset of your contacts when required. See that and more...

Cool updates for the OnePageCRM app

OnePageCRM is getting a makeover to meet your needs, you the small business owner.In today's updates we've added: Contact Management, Themes and User Interface, Top tabs and Full details, and Google Contacts import.

Your feedback has been keeping us busy!

Because of all of the great feedback, we have been very busy this summer making changes and adding features that you have requested… Pawel, our tech lead, is coding for new features and integrations that have been requested by our users. Kaatya, our desiger and UX guru has been brightening up the OnePageCRM application as well as working hard to build an all-new marketing website. Tom (that’s me), the new Business Development Manager, is creating […]