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OnePageCRM – A simple CRM for salespeople who want to GTD

As your business grows often your customer database becomes so large it can seem uncontrollable. You need a tool to store all your client interaction data and follow up on prospective contacts. Get to know OnePageCRM, the simple CRM, built for salespeople. Gerard, Sales Manager. OnePageCRM is a web-based CRM software, specifically designed to help salespeople store their customer information and effectively follow up on every single contact. This is a simple tool your company can start using […]

Protect Corporate Data in The New World of BYOD

There is a new strategy in the business world. It’s called BYOD – or Bring Your Own Device. Companies are now allowing employees to bring their personal laptops, smartphones and other mobile devices to be used in the workplace. This way, workers get to use their own gadgets and gear. Devices they are already extremely familiar with, and this makes work productivity so much more cost-effective. Or, does it? Using one’s own personal devices for […]
Google Docs

Increase employee productivity with Google Docs

Google Docs can greatly assist in the organisational efforts of company-wide data. By offering a central place to store and share information and documents, staff have access to the information they need to perform their roles. What is Google Docs? Google Docs is an environment for the control and organization of information. It is a central repository of data for short and long-term projects. A typical concern for any business is storing data in a […]

Small Business CRM Reviews – OnePageCRM

I was recently checking our support emails and found some feedback by small business owners and salespeople about our CRM. We are delighted to hear that for so many of our users, OnePageCRM changed they way they do business, for the better! Here is just a handful of reviews we’ve received in recent months.   To put it very simply onepage crm has changed my life. No need for spreadsheets and useless crm’s that simply […]