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Online vs. On-premise: Which CRM solution is best for you?

When choosing a CRM for your business, it’s important to understand the difference between Online CRM and On-Premise CRM solutions. Online CRM Online CRM is hosted on your CRM provider’s server. It does not require installation on your office or home computer. The customer pays a subscription fee and connects to CRM remotely through their web browser, using a login and password. Synonyms for online CRM are Hosted CRM, Cloud CRM, Web-based CRM and SaaS CRM. […]

5 Key Qualities of a Good Sales Person

There are certain qualities that make a good sales person and help them succeed. 1. The ability to keep organized Every good sales person should have an established “sales process”, that includes: how you find prospects, how you qualify them, what you do in the room when meeting your customers.  2. Enthusiastic attitude It is absolutely crucial to believe in a product you’re trying to sell. Show positive body expression that reflects enthusiasm, be positive […]

Get organized with GTD (Getting Things Done) business software

These days we hear lots of calls to be more organised, efficient and productive. Injunctions to “Achieve more in less time”, “Beat the work overload”, “Work smart” all sound inspiring, but are they really achievable? And if so, what are the magic actions to take to get to this degree of perfection? Today I’ll take a look at one of the time management methods called GTD, whose core promise is to boost your productivity in […]

OnePageCRM gets a Complete Makeover & adds Multi-User

Hey, it’s time to show you what we’ve been up to the past few months. We just launched version 2.0 of OnePage, and we think it rocks! Highlights: Complete Interface Makeover Our new interface gives you the power features you need while retaining the one-page concept! We’ve learned about your need for basic contact management and integrated it right into main screen. These changes allow us to now fulfil the product roadmap with a solid underlying concept. Multi-User now available Invite members of your team […]