Fluid UI: Small change – big difference!

Please see the quick animation above. It shows the small change we’ve made to the interface, moving the filter menus to a column in the left. It has been live for over 5 weeks and tests are showing that it’s a much improved user experience. We are adding new features in the recommended Fluid UI that are not added to Regular UI  e.g Custom fields, custom status etc. PLEASE NOTE: The existing (old) interface will […]

Predefined Sales Action list to speed up your workflow

Here in OnePage we are constantly on the lookout how to make our users’ live easier when working in our app. We are getting many requests for new features and it’s great to have you guys contributing to our app development and helping us to make it better. Thanks very much for your feedback so far and we ask for more :) Many of you have clearly defined sales process that consists of the same […]

Improved User Experience has arrived!

Better Navigation: “My Action Stream” is your new Inbox. OnePage CRM aim to be as easy to use as your favorite email application. We introduced “My Action Stream” which is your safety button that you can always get back to see all your contacts. More breathing space to see all details at one glance. By moving top navigation to the left column you can focus exclusively on Action Stream  and your task list. Your list […]
business mentors

How to use business mentors to grow your SME

Having a small business mentor is a really effective way of improving your skills and ultimately your business.  One reason why business mentors are called in is because of their level of expertise. Expert business mentors can be sought in a range of industries including technological, sales and marketing, public relations, and strategy. Crucially, this is expertise that many small and medium enterprise owners lack. Where mentoring businesses can actually help: Finance Sales Management Hiring […]