Product updates: Customization & profile picture

Customize, collect & record specific data to your business! We’ve added cool features to customize your OnePage account and make it even closer to your line of business. Use Custom fields such as  date field, text field or select box to store required unique information. We’re also introduced customisation of  Status Labels, Lead Source & Next Action Quick select. Check it out by clicking on each item. Update your contacts profile image You can now […]

OnePage CRM in ‘TWiST’ Dublin vs Belfast final

‘This Week in Startups‘ (TWiST) is not only an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs but also an extremely entertaining program hosted by Jason Calacanis. Jason is well known, influential internet entrepreneur, blogger and angel investor. Audience of his show reaches over 200,000 on the night! Tonight, a big battle Dublin vs Belfast in Telefonica-O2 Wayra Office where 18 startups will compete to persuade the judges  that their city excels in tech innovation & ideas. We’re delighted […]

OnePageCRM Development Roadmap – Live on Trello!

The OnePageCRM Development Roadmap is live on Trello! With our roadmap now made public, you have an insight into what’s in the development pipeline for the app, mobile, UX improvements, ideas and integrations. You can see which features we are currently working on and what features are due for release! We want to hear from you! And the best part of the roadmap? It’s interactive! Meaning, you can submit your comments on the presented ideas and vote […]

Fluid UI: Small change – big difference!

Please see the quick animation above. It shows the small change we’ve made to the interface, moving the filter menus to a column in the left. It has been live for over 5 weeks and tests are showing that it’s a much improved user experience. We are adding new features in the recommended Fluid UI that are not added to Regular UI  e.g Custom fields, custom status etc. PLEASE NOTE: The existing (old) interface will […]