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5 tactics for efficient Lead Qualification

Lead qualification relates to evaluating the readiness, willingness and ability of a lead to become a customer. By applying proper qualification, leads that have the most chance of success are focused on, ensuring that your salesperson’s time is best spent and sales should rise as a result.

4 steps to migrate contacts from Salesforce to OnePage CRM

Data migration between CRM systems one of the most difficult technical task that you need to face at a ‘getting started’ stage. The key to success is to bring your data to a new tool as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Thanks to FoxWeave you can now migrate your Salesforce contacts* to OnePage CRM which takes a few minutes to set up and execute. FoxWeave is a cloud-based data integration platform enabling you to migrate […]

Streamlining UX in the contact profile

We’ve introduced a whole host of user experience improvements to OnePage; including a data-rich activity timeline on each contact, improved deals and custom fields. These updates have reduced the number of clicks in everyday usage, making OnePage even more intuitive and pushing ever closer to zero-admin sales. 1. See all contact’s interactions in a new timeline feature Now you can see each contact’s activity/history in a chronological order, replacing the former ‘Snapshot’ view. Notes, Deals, completed […]