OnePageCRM WhatsApp integration

OnePageCRM and WhatsApp: Call and Message Your Leads in a Click

When was the last time you went through the day without checking or using your messaging app? It has become such an integral part of our personal and business lives that we might feel lost without it. 

At OnePageCRM, we make it easy for you to connect with your prospects, be it via email or using your preferred calling method

And now, you can message and call your leads, using our WhatsApp integration as well! We picked one of the most popular (we’re talking 2 billion users here!) platforms to make sure your communication is efficient and hassle-free. 

Know WhatsApp with your clients

Yes, yes. We couldn’t resist the pun. But seriously, with over 100 billion messages being sent daily via WhatsApp it’s only logical to use it to stay connected with your leads and clients. Sometimes a quick message is all you need to confirm the meeting time, let them know you’re on your way, or follow up about that brochure you sent them.

All you have to do to send a message directly from OnePageCRM is click on the downward arrow next to the contact’s phone number and select WhatsApp from the dropdown menu. We’ll automatically open WhatsApp, so you can type away. 

WhatsApp integration with OnePageCRM

If you don’t have WhatsApp installed already, don’t worry. You’ll be automatically redirected to the download page. 

Use WhatsApp to call your contacts from OnePageCRM

As you probably know, WhatsApp is more than just a messaging app. In fact, over 2 billion calls are made through it every day. 

If you contribute to that number and mostly use it to call your leads, we’ve got good news for you. With their recent update, WhatsApp have introduced a video and voice calling option for their desktop app! So now, if you have WhatsApp (desktop app) selected as your preferred text message handler, when you open WhatsApp, you can click on the phone icon and jump on a quick call. All without leaving your CRM. 

To set your default version for WhatsApp integration to browser or desktop app, simply go to the Call Integration page and select the option you need from the dropdown.

set up desktop or browser integration with WhatsApp

WhatsApp and OnePageCRM mobile apps

While it’s easy and intuitive to use WhatsApp in your browser or your computer, nothing comes more natural than calling or messaging your contacts using WhatsApp on your phone.

If you’re using OnePageCRM’s native mobile apps, you can WhatsApp your leads in a couple of taps! Android users need to simply tap the contact’s phone number or the message icon next to it, select WhatsApp, and we’ll connect you automatically!

And if you’re using our iOS app, all you need to do is set WhatsApp as your default SMS application. Then the moment you tap the message icon, we’ll launch WhatsApp for you! 

OnePageCRM mobile WhatsApp Integration

Have you tried using WhatsApp to message or call your contacts from OnePageCRM already? We’d love to know what you think! Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @OnePageCRM.

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