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Updated notifications drop down

Updated notifications menu for managing your account

It’s now easier to view and manage unread notifications and unassigned emails in OnePageCRM.

When you have a new notification, the red badge appears showing the number of unread notifications in your account.

Update to notifications

What causes notifications to appear here:

  • Next Actions: When a Next Action has been assigned to you by another team member for one or more contacts.
  • Contacts: When contacts have been assigned to you by a team member, bulk update, import or lead generating form for example; Wufoo, Unbounce, MailChimp forms etc.
  • Unassigned emails: When an email sent to your OnePageCRM email dropbox address needs to be assigned to a contact.

Unassigned email notifications

Benefits of updated notifications page:

  • Clarity: You can clearly see all notifications from your account with a glance.
  • Bulk actions: Use the Mark all as read link to quickly clear notifications in one click.
  • Manage unassigned emails: Quickly assign any unassigned emails to relevant contacts or Create new contact for emails which do not match existing contacts.


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Brian McHale
Brian McHale
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  1. Thank you for this update and for continously imrpving OnePageCRM. Best regards, Chris

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