Introducing Focused User – now in Beta!

You asked — we listened. We also brainstormed, coded, re-coded, streamlined it… (You get the gist.) Long story short — Focused User was born, and now we’re delighted to announce it’s available for you to try out!

What is a Focused User?

Up until now, in OnePageCRM, all contacts were visible to all users. An exception being the contacts marked as private.

With Focused User, it’s all going to change.

A Focused User is a user who only sees their own contacts, deals, and activity. The “Team Stream” tab is not visible to them at all.

However, the Account Owner / Administrator can view the contacts, deals and activities of all users, including the Focused Users

We would recommend you enable Focused User:

  • If you’re working with external contractors or freelancers, and you want them to see the contacts related only to their project.
  • If you have a competitive sales team who are hugely targets driven – ideal to avoid conflict or the possibility of “lead pinching” .
  • If a new member joins the team, and you want to keep their full focus on their own leads/actions (once they are fully trained, you can always give them User access).

How to enable a Focused User?

Once the beta access has been enabled on your account, if you’re the account’s owner / administrator, go to your User Profile (top right-hand corner) – Users and Billing – Users – Add User – Select Focused User from the Access dropdown.

It’s that easy! You can now enjoy the benefits of a more streamlined and focused team.

Please note: Focused User will be released as part of a premium pricing plan in the near future.

Want a sneak peek? We’ve opened a beta test group, so you can try this feature out now.

If you’d like to join the Beta group, just drop us an email to

Keep the feedback coming!