Bulk Updates

Save time with improved Bulk Updates

Managing a large number of contacts can be a daunting task. We know that you’d much rather be selling to your contacts than updating their profiles – it is what you do best after all! At OnePageCRM, we’re focusing on keeping the admin to a minimum by adding improved functionality to our Bulk Updates tool.

We’ve already implemented a Bulk Update feature to speed up managing multiple contacts. What about those cases when you’ve collected hundreds or thousands of leads on a good day at a trade show and you need to update all of them quickly? With a new ‘Select all contacts feature in bulk panel’ we’ve decreased the selection process to a single click. That means more time for making sales calls!

How does the Bulk Updates tool work?

  • Choose your filter e.g. team stream, lead source, tags, status or a custom filter that you wish to update
  • Using bulk selector select all visible contacts on a page
  • Click on a blue link to select all contacts matching that filter
  • Apply your change as planned and that’s it! We will show you a progress bar to monitor the process

Bulk Updates

Not currently a OnePageCRM customer and interested in trialing this feature and more? Sign up for a free 21 day evaluation and see how our Next Action sales method can help you Get Sales Done!




Brian McHale
Brian McHale
Brian is a fan of all things technology, website and startup-related. A strong supporter of keeping the human 'personal touch' alive in sales, Brian is also a believer that "anything which can be successfully automated, should be".


  1. Avatar Dermot says:

    Very cool new feature, folks!

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