Five tools I can’t sell without

When I started working with sales it was quite frustrating from time to time. There were just too many things that I forgot and couldn’t keep track off. Today I use productivity tools that makes me a lot more efficient – here’s a list with my five favorite tools and extensions that complements our CRM system perfectly.

My favorite tools

1. Evernote – For meeting notes and other notes. I also write stuff down outside my periphery to think about it later. Knowing that I’m able to get back to it later makes it easy for me to continue focusing on what I was doing at the first place.

2. Yesware – For logging emails in our CRM and to sneak peak who actually opened my emails and links (and who didn’t). If they didn’t click, I re-send the link when I remind them. It’s easier to be confident in my way of approaching people when I know how they acted upon my last mail.

3. Rapportive – This tool helps me to learn the most crucial stuff about new customers without having to leave my inbox. If they’re on LinkedIn, they’re in Rapportive. I can easy and fast put the contact details into my CRM and then contact them without having to flip back and worth between my inbox and CRM. Call me lazy, but I prefer to spend as little time as possible adding data into my CRM – which makes this tool very handy.

4. Slack – A tool for internal communication. To ask the dev team about important things that I need to forward to clients quickly, but also a way to share interesting articles and crazy videos with my team. There’s always something that happens on Slack, and even if I’m in focus mode – I can get back to join the conversation afterwards. The feeling of always being able to catch up what the others were talking about makes me calm. I don’t miss anything even if I’m not around at the moment.

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