EmployAbility Galway increases new hires by 87% since using OnePageCRM

Like many other recruitment services, the team at EmployAbility Galway knew they needed a better way to coordinate and build a process around employer interactions. This was necessary in order to increase placements and overall productivity. After being recommended OnePageCRM by a board member, Pauline O’Dwyer (Program coordinator) was keen to try out the system and work towards launching their 100 jobs Campaign. EmployAbility Galway is an offshoot of mainstream recruitment services. A supported employment […]

The ultimate sales guide to setting and discussing pricing

Estimated reading time: 24 minutes There’s an old joke in sales about selling products at a loss but making it up on volume. A common complaint from sales teams is: we can outcompete and make more sales simply by reducing prices. But if you’re competing on the basis of having the lowest price, you’ll always be running on slim margins, putting pressure on the entire supply chain and putting your product (and your customers’ success) […]

5 lessons I learned from ex-Salesforce users

The availability and acceptance of SaaS model technologies, means that cloud apps, specifically cloud CRM apps, are big business. As the first to market, Salesforce maintains the majority share holding. However, the past 16 years have seen it languish in its position as top dog. What is it they say? Complacency is the enemy of empires. Here are the biggest failings of the Salesforce model according to our ex-Salesforce customers: 1. Full functionality comes at a […]

Why every SME needs a CRM

What is CRM? CRM software is best described as a tracking system for your customer relationships. A CRM helps you manage your client lists, by recording the sales cycle from lead to customer. A great CRM system will allow a company to automate and integrate its Marketing, Sales and Customer Service activities. At OnePageCRM we champion start-ups, helping you get organised from day 1 – so that when the customers start calling, you’re ready. Here are […]