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9 ways to convince potential customers to buy from you

Business needs are becoming increasingly specific and purchase decision makers have to consider large amounts of variables and solutions from a wider range of suppliers. Consciously creating a set of decision support tools and implementing them will help customers make a purchase decision for your product. Here are a few suggestions to get your started.

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8 red flags for avoiding nightmare sales jobs

Just as companies are looking to hire the top candidates, you want to make sure the company you’re applying to meets your expectations. This is particularly important for sales positions where good company structure & processes are crucial to you meeting your bottomline. So what are the red flags you should look out for when… Read More

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How to run a global business from your CRM

We had a sit down with Kenneth Wagner in Copenhagen, Denmark. Kenneth is Head of Sales and Marketing Effectiveness at Global Newsroom Provider, Mynewsdesk. In our time together, we found out more about what he does and how he makes it happen. The world’s leading newsroom provider Mynewsdesk is the world’s leading newsroom provider, offering… Read More

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Advice for the sales-ops newcomer – Dan Ross, Optimizely

Hampus Jakobsson talked shop with Optimizely’s Director of Sales Operations, Dan Ross. They got to discussing what tools he uses, what Optimizelys’ sales process looks like and his top tips for sales operations in general. What is Optimizely? Optimizely offers super fast, easy website A/B testing to increase visitor engagement, interactions and conversions. Customers include Disney,… Read More

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You can’t make your lead management swift enough

Leads are doubtlessly one of the most important issues of the high velocity sales industry and lead management should be the focus of all sales operations managers. Anyone with a deal size under $25k can probably agree that finding, nurturing, qualifying, and converting leads is something that can’t get good enough. It makes sense to… Read More

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Five tools I can’t sell without

When I started working with sales it was quite frustrating from time to time. There were just too many things that I forgot and couldn’t keep track off. Today I use productivity tools that makes me a lot more efficient – here’s a list with my five favorite tools and extensions that complements our CRM… Read More

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Five ways to improve a sales call

It’s not easy to have a good sales call. Sometimes you loose track, start pitching too quickly, or accidentally interrupts to describe another great feature. When I read The Mom Test – How to talk to customers by Rob Fitzpatrick – I had an aha-moment. To boil it down to one sentence – asking some… Read More

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Focus on your tasks to the sounds of Noisli

One hour of non interrupted focus is what you need to get aligned with your most crucial sales tasks of the day. But at the most offices, there are people around. Your colleagues asking questions, talking about a new client or simply just discussing whether you should add that new feature, change your sales process… Read More

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