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Manually merge duplicates in your Action Stream

As you know, OnePageCRM allows users to create contacts with the same/similar data. However, in some cases this means unwelcome duplicates are created. So in the hopes of resolving this issue once and for all, today we launch the simple but amazingly effective feature – merging duplicates (triplicates as well!). Now, with just a few clicks you can merge… Read More

Product Updates

Automatically create a contact from prospect emails with Zapier

Lots of us use email as a first contact tool. We ask potential customers to get in touch by email so they could get more information on the products or services. Wouldn’t be just perfect if you could automatically create a contact in OnePageCRM from such an email, complete with the info request attached, next action and all other things? Well – it is possible!

Product Updates

Automate your lead generation with OnePageCRM

I’ve got a lot of feedback after my last article and it seems you’ve really liked the idea of integrating web forms with OnePageCRM (if you missed it just click here). This time I will show you how to add Mailchimp (a newsletter app) to our eco-system so you can start nurturing your leads and prospects as well as sending newsletters to the customers.

Product Updates

Integrate OnePageCRM with Wufoo web forms

Linking online web forms to your CRM makes total sense when you can keep all captured leads in one place for further nurturing and conversion! And thanks to the latest Wufoo and OnePageCRM integration, you can now push all leads directly to the CRM. No more manual data entry, meaning you can concentrate on more… Read More

Product Updates

The 3 essential communication apps for small business

OnePageCRM integrates with many communication applications from right within the app. Saving you time on data entry by automating workflow processes. 1. Skype Skype is a great tool for keeping in touch with colleagues and customers worldwide through internet calls. Using your computer, smartphone, or a range of other devices, you can have video or… Read More

Product Updates

Push leads from your website to OnePage CRM

We love our developer community who create things from our API. Using our open API, developers can create new tools that helps everyone so we are featuring a new plug-in for WordPress that enables lead capturing form for websites. Dave Kelly and his company Ambient Age created a handy form that you can use on… Read More

Product Updates

Integrate OnePageCRM with Skype

OnePageCRM has recently added Skype to its ever expanding list of integration partners. This integration allows users to make low cost calls to contacts straight from the app. Meaning, you can be moving sales forward easier than ever and at a much cheaper rate than landlines or mobile phones. Skype calling your contacts – just a… Read More

Product Updates
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