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Manage larger companies with new Account View

Today marks a milestone in the OnePageCRM development roadmap. After months of careful consideration, coding and bug-fixing we launch our new and improved UX and Account View. OnePageCRM Account View With the new Account View you can focus on the company first, with a separate description and company-wide custom fields. In typical OnePageCRM fashion, we’ve further… Read More

OnePageCRM Updates

Capture sales leads from XING

The latest update to the OnePageCRM Chrome Lead Clipper allows you to quickly capture a new lead’s profile information from XING in just-one-click. Use our lead clipper to pull a lead’s profile information straight from their LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and XING profiles as well as directly from your Gmail and (Hotmail and Office 365)… Read More

Integrations OnePageCRM Updates

How to export your LinkedIn contacts to a spreadsheet and import them into OnePageCRM

1. Exporting your contacts from LinkedIn to OnePageCRM LinkedIn is a very powerful tool for identifying opportunities. Many of you who have been using LinkedIn for years or even months will have hundreds of connections. You most likely have spent a lot of valuable time connecting with these contacts and now you would love to add them into OnePageCRM… Read More

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Manage your contacts like a pro with our updated Chrome extension

Last November, we announced the release of our Chrome Lead Clipper extension for Gmail. Since then, with great feedback from our customers, we’ve added some major updates to help improve your lead generation abilities. Enhanced Gmail Lead Capture: The first version of our Chrome Lead Clipper extension focused primarily on capturing contact names, profile pictures and email… Read More

Lead Capture OnePageCRM Updates

OnePageCRM Chrome Lead Clipper

Generating new, high-quality leads is hard work in any sales environment! The process of trawling the internet with little more than a name, email address or Twitter handle for a potential lead can prove a huge drain on time and resources. Now allow us to introduce the OnePageCRM Chrome Lead Clipper – lead generation made… Read More

Application OnePageCRM Updates

Beta: Integrate your email client with OnePageCRM

When you’re trying to sell your products or services each additional piece of information with the prospect can help you to build a perfect strategy and ask the right question at the relevant stage of the sales funnel. Since emails are the most common way of reaching out to customers I’m sure you want to see the whole email correspondence with a contact (from any one in your team) within OnePageCRM. Now you can.

OnePageCRM Updates

Manually merge duplicates in your Action Stream

As you know, OnePageCRM allows users to create contacts with the same/similar data. However, in some cases this means unwelcome duplicates are created. So in the hopes of resolving this issue once and for all, today we launch the simple but amazingly effective feature – merging duplicates (triplicates as well!). Now, with just a few clicks you can merge… Read More

OnePageCRM Updates

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