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Update custom fields in bulk

Updating custom fields in bulk is easy with OnePageCRM. Quickly select the relevant contacts and decide whether to apply a contact-level or company-wide custom field. Bulk updating custom fields is ideal for tidying up data in your account. It also makes moving and segmenting your contact’s information much easier. A great use case is if… Read More

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Major update for 2-column users

Recently, we announced some major updates to OnePageCRM. At the centre of these was our new account view which streamlines how you manage multiple contacts within the same company. Initially these did not apply to legacy users of our 2-column layout, but now all of these great features are across both layouts. In short, the… Read More

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Run your business from your phone with mobile CRM: Major update to OnePageCRM mobile apps for Android & iOS

The new OnePageCRM mobile app offers a far superior sales experience for reps on-the-go. Our new app is so powerful, you can pretty much run your whole business CRM straight from your phone. Meet OnePageCRM, mobile version 3.0 for Android and iOS! Download now: [one_second][/one_second][one_second][/one_second]   What’s this all about? The newest version of our… Read More

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Find and Merge duplicate contacts in bulk!

You can now find and merge all your duplicate contacts in OnePageCRM. When merging contacts in bulk, all Deals, Notes and stored emails from all the duplicate contacts will be copied to the single merged contact. Single value fields like First Name Last Name Job Title Company Address (City, State, Zip, Country) Status Lead source… Read More

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New updates and features roll out: Message from our product guy (and CEO)

Hello, A quick heads-up on some great features and updates coming to OnePageCRM this week. Our beta testers find the latest updates really speed up adding/editing contacts and companies. Thanks to your feedback we can constantly innovate, and we’re really excited about the future of our app. Note: If you’re an account administrator or the… Read More

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