Custom fields for deals

New updates: Add custom fields, calculate cost margins and commissions for deals

Manage your deals and margins better by using custom fields for deals. The latest update has three main features: Calculate the margin based on Cost (Deal amount, Deal margin & Deal cost). Calculate commission (total). Custom fields (Single line, multi line, dropdown, number, checkbox & date).   Show the margin of your deal using the cost Use the new Cost field to quickly calculate the Margin of your deals. When Cost is enabled, fill in the […]
Bulk Updating Custom Fields

Update custom fields in bulk

Updating custom fields in bulk is easy with OnePageCRM. Quickly select the relevant contacts and decide whether to apply a contact-level or company-wide custom field. Bulk updating custom fields is ideal for tidying up data in your account. It also makes moving and segmenting your contact’s information much easier. A great use case is if you want to move from a tag to a more permanent custom field for something important like industry type. Benefits […]
Responsive layout Account view

Major update for 2-column users

Recently, we announced some major updates to OnePageCRM. At the centre of these was our new account view which streamlines how you manage multiple contacts within the same company. Initially these did not apply to legacy users of our 2-column layout, but now all of these great features are across both layouts. In short, the features allow you to handle company and contact information separately within OnePageCRM. This helps to make managing contacts and their […]

Set a date for your important queued actions

If you’re managing more than one project for a single contact, use OnePageCRM’s queued actions with dates to stay on top of each one. Keep your most urgent project (Project A) as your Next Action and once it is complete, you can promote the next most urgent one (Project B) in just-one-click. Afterwards, set the next queued action and it’s date for Project A before moving on to the next contact in your Action Stream. […]