Updates to Contact View Header Image

Updates to Contact view to save time and increase efficiency

We’ve added some great updates to the contact view in OnePageCRM to help you become more efficient in how you work. It’s now easier to notify another team member on a note or a call note, quickly add attachments with our new drag ‘n drop feature and move deals faster from stage to stage.   Easily mention your team members in a Note or a Call Note Shared knowledge is important when working on a […]
Export contacts and deals to an Excel from OnePageCRM

Export your contacts and deals to an Excel file

There is a now an additional option to export your data in your preferred file format from OnePageCRM. Along with the ability to download to a CSV file, users can now export all contacts and deals to an excel file.     Benefits of exporting from OnePageCRM: To backup or share: You can export all your data from OnePageCRM, if you would like to have a backup or maybe you need to share with other […]
Re-order custom fields in OnePageCRM

Reorder your existing custom field labels in OnePageCRM

You can now reorder your custom field checkbox and dropdown labels in OnePageCRM. Simply click on the label you wish to move, it’s that easy! Custom fields allow you to log additional information associated with your contacts in dedicated fields in OnePageCRM. There are three types of custom fields: Contact custom fields, organization custom fields and deal custom fields. In order to find the results of the data in these fields you can run a […]
Enhanced Pipeline page

Enhanced control over your Pipeline page in OnePageCRM

We’ve now updated the pipeline page to ensure a more streamlined approach to how we display your deals list going forward. This update features a fresh layout so you can clearly see the important deal information at a glance, the option to sort based on ascending / descending order, and the ability to export to Excel (along with the previous option of .CSV). Key elements of the Pipeline update: Scroll below the deal Pipeline targets […]