Chrome Lead Clipper for XING

Capture sales leads from XING

The latest update to the OnePageCRM Chrome Lead Clipper allows you to quickly capture a new lead’s profile information from XING in just-one-click. Use our lead clipper to pull a lead’s profile information straight from their LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and XING profiles as well as directly from your Gmail and (Hotmail and Office 365) mailbox. How it works Click on the clipper icon to the top right when viewing your lead’s XING profile to […]
Facebook Lead Clipper

Capture new leads from Facebook with one click

We’ve developed our Chrome Lead Clipper to quickly pull a lead’s profile information from Gmail, (Office 365 & Hotmail), Xing & Twitter and send them to your OnePageCRM account. Today’s update means that you can capture new leads straight from Facebook with just-one-click! How it works Click on the clipper icon in your lead’s Facebook profile to capture their information Assign a tag and set a Next Action for your contact Click save to […]

Capture sales leads from Twitter with the OnePageCRM Lead Clipper

Since launching our Chrome Lead Clipper extension, we’ve received a great response from our customers. Thanks to this feedback, we’ve further enhanced the clipper’s existing features of lead capturing for Gmail by adding the ability to clip leads directly from Twitter. Twitter lead capture Twitter is a fantastic social network and is ideal for lead generation, particularly for B2B sales. It allows you to check out the profiles of potential leads, to help qualify them and decide if […]

Top 5 benefits of cloud accounting for small business

How small businesses keep on top of their invoicing has changed radically over the past few years. More and more businesses are switching to the cloud to make the most of the benefits of online accounting and to help streamline their core processes. As a small business owner, you might be a born entrepreneur, but you’re less likely to be a born accountant. So it’s possible that you’ll find bookkeeping a tedious distraction, especially when […]