Save to Google Contacts Blog

Work smarter by saving your contacts to Google Contacts in just-one-click

Our new save to Google Contacts integration allows you to quickly and easily add your contacts from OnePageCRM to Google Contacts in one-click. We use apps and systems to help us work better, to become more organized and ultimately sell more! However, not having all the relevant information about your prospects in the one place, can cause frustration. Our new integration with Google Contacts will reduce this frustration and increase your businesses productivity.   How […]
Zapier Lead Gen

Automate lead generation for your website using Zapier

When working in sales, admin and data entry can take up a lot of your time. Since this time is better spent selling, you need to automate these tasks and streamline your business. Zapier is a platform which allows you to move contacts between different online applications. With a directory of 700+ apps, you can be sure to find the right combination for managing your contacts. This post will introduce you to OnePageCRM’s Zapier integration and show […]

Integrate OnePageCRM with your favourite apps using Zapier

As more of our business activities move online, day-to-day operations have become spread across a number of different applications. Keeping your data up-to-date between all these apps is important, but it can also be time-consuming. So to further eliminate any extra admin-related tasks, we’ve updated our Zapier integration. Zapier is an online platform which acts as a middleman between two different cloud apps and makes sending data between them a breeze. Once you set up […]