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[INFOGRAPHIC] Is your sales strategy out of step? (46% of salespeople say it is!)

What makes a high performing salesperson? A recent study of 250 salespeople carried out by the CRM reviews company, GetApp suggests that modern sales strategy may not be as far removed from the old, ‘Always be closing’, as we may have thought.. Some stats from the survey: Almost half (46%) of sales professionals surveyed see price as the number one priority for customers Less than 10% think that consumers are looking for personalized customer service […]

Integrate OnePageCRM with your favourite apps using Zapier

As more of our business activities move online, day-to-day operations have become spread across a number of different applications. Keeping your data up-to-date between all these apps is important, but it can also be time-consuming. So to further eliminate any extra admin-related tasks, we’ve updated our Zapier integration. Zapier is an online platform which acts as a middleman between two different cloud apps and makes sending data between them a breeze. Once you set up […]
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How to get customers to keep coming back

If you’re selling anything today, it’s time to get used to the new reality. You aren’t in charge; your customers are. Whether your customers are baby boomers or millennials, your job is to deliver on their expectations so you can make the sale. And customers have higher expectations than ever before, making customer retention, all the more challenging. Twenty years ago, customers knew that if they raised an issue, it would take a couple of […]
The top sales books of all time - Reddit - Quora

The greatest sales books of all time!

Here at OnePageCRM, we’re passionate about sales. So when users ask us for our recommendations on our top sales tips we’re only happy to oblige! We set a data analyst loose on the big sales communities of Reddit and Quora. After a huge data trawl of every post on those sites (the guy hasn’t slept in days!) he has pulled together the definitive list of the most recommended sales books of all time! We’ve ranked our […]