How does a small company make its first B2B sale?

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes How do you get your first 10 customers? First, forget marketing. It’s great but, a little slower to bear fruit. Today, is about making your first sale. Second, forget hiring a sales person… yet. You need to figure out how your solution is sold before you know what type of sales person you need. Get out of the spreadsheet and into your client’s office. Pre sell Ideally you should start […]
Sell me this pen

What are some of the best responses to “Sell me this pen” in a job interview?

‘First, decide not to take the job as the interviewer is a mindless twit.’ ‘Second, take the pen, snap it in two, place the pieces on the desk, pause for a moment of dramatic silence, then stare intently into the interviewer’s eyes and say: “You need a new pen”.’ Bruce Gifford There are few things in life which are represented realistically on screen, sales is no exception. I’m sure that the above ‘dramatic silence’ just […]
lead scoring

Find your best leads: How to score and track leads using marketing automation

If you’ve ever worked in sales you might have had the experience where you met the perfect person, at the perfect time, looking for your exact solution. They did their research, were a decision maker, and were ready to pull the trigger. Also known as the perfect sale. But unfortunately not all sales calls, demos, and meetings go this way. In fact, there are a number of potential problems which can arise when you speak to […]

Top 24 sales podcasts for sales people and leaders in 2017

Podcasts are now the go-to resource for the on-the-go salesperson. But with so many shows available, you want to make sure you’re investing your downtime in the right content. Below are our top picks for sales podcasts to get you selling bigger and better. 1. The Sales Acceleration Show Presented by inside sales expert, Gabe Larsen, the Sales Acceleration Show explores the science of selling across the areas of demand generation, sales, and sales operations. You can […]