How to manage, pay, reward and set quotas for your sales development team

See how B2B sales development teams are organized in over 350 leading companies. The latest research reveals how companies are structuring their sales development teams. The report highlights how sales reps are managed, how quotas are set and how compensation is calculated. It also reveals what factors increase performance. Is your sales team giving up too soon? The average sales development rep makes 8 attempts per contact. But the latest research shows that reps who […]
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How to write a sales strategy that actually gets done

Is your sales strategy active or is it languishing in a filing cabinet somewhere, while nothing happens? Take action on your sales strategy by following the tried and tested strategy methods below. Why sales strategy fails There are reams of paper and terabytes of data on ‘how to create sales and marketing strategy’ documents. Everywhere you look, there are guidelines on length and templates for you to fill out. And while the length isn’t a […]