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OnePageCRM Chrome Lead Clipper

Generating new, high-quality leads is hard work in any sales environment! The process of trawling the internet with little more than a name, email address or Twitter handle for a potential lead can prove a huge drain on time and resources. Now allow us to introduce the OnePageCRM Chrome Lead Clipper – lead generation made… Read More

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Manage multiple contacts at once with Bulk Updates

One of the major pitfalls of a CRM system comes is having a large number of inactive contacts. In some cases these contacts are nowhere near your sales pipeline, creating essentially, a dead database! The task of manually trawling through all of these leads to establish who they are and if they’re interested in your company… Read More


Custom Fields or Tags to best segment your data?

As part of OnePageCRM’s Learning Centre, we’ve been giving Advanced Webinar’s on various Topics over the last few months (click here to check the list of available webinars). One of our most popular turnouts has always been on the topic of “Segmentation and Reporting” in OnePageCRM and it is because of the most frequently asked question at this webinar which spurred me to write this Blog Post. So I guess you’re wondering, what the question is…..well here you go; Why should I use Custom Field’s over Tags or vice versa?


Assigning a deal owner

We’re happy to release our latest update of assigning a deal owner. This new feature increases flexibility of managing deals which is especially important in a multi-user environment. Deals associated with a single Account can now be owned and nurtured by individual team members regardless of the overall owner of the contact. This enables team… Read More

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Closing Your Sales Cycle

Sometimes, it happens that a prospect is no longer interested in your offer or that a lead is reluctant to respond to your magical sales techniques – what then? Deleting them from the database would be a bold move but the chances are that you don't want to do this – you want to keep all the records and maybe try to reach out to them again in the future – right? We have a solution!

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