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Bulk Updating Custom Fields

Update custom fields in bulk

Updating custom fields in bulk is easy with OnePageCRM. Quickly select the relevant contacts and decide whether to apply a contact-level or company-wide custom field.

Bulk updating custom fields is ideal for tidying up data in your account. It also makes moving and segmenting your contact’s information much easier. A great use case is if you want to move from a tag to a more permanent custom field for something important like industry type.

Benefits of updating custom fields in bulk:

  • Tags to custom fields: If you have a lot of tags in your account or would like to switch some over to custom fields.
  • Cleaning data: If you have many old leads from a previous year in your account, quickly select them and apply a custom field so they are easier to segment in your account.
  • Contact to company-wide custom fields: If you wish to store information such as industry type under the company-wide custom field instead of a contact custom field.

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Brian McHale
Brian McHale
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