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12 steps to building a killer sales team

As a business owner, the people you work with are your most valuable asset. They contribute to the company culture and help you to grow your business and increase revenue. But sometimes team members – and sales team members in particular – don’t perform as well as they could. Why? It’s all about their attitude.… Read More

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5 ways to win your customers trust with content

Before you can manage your customer relationships, you must first build them. So much business happens online that you don’t always meet customers face to face. One thing that hasn’t changed in the Internet age is that people prefer to do business with people and companies they know, like and trust. If you think about… Read More

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How to write a sales strategy that actually gets done

Is your sales strategy active or is it languishing in a filing cabinet somewhere, while nothing happens? Take action on your sales strategy by following the tried and tested strategy methods below. Why sales strategy fails There are reams of paper and terabytes of data on ‘how to create sales and marketing strategy’ documents. Everywhere… Read More

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7 ways to achieve consistently high performance

There’s one thing that separates the greatest, most successful leaders from the rest. It’s the ability to deliver what Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, calls sustained excellence, or consistently high performance. It’s the mark of a level 5 leader, as he points out in an article on Harvard Business Review. But sustaining excellence… Read More

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