Always Be Closing

In sales, what does ABC ‘Always Be Closing’ mean?

The old ABC approach ala ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’, would have you believe the only way to be truly successful in sales, is to have an iron fist approach. With sheer brute force, you could ensure the prospect would buy, regardless of whether they needed what you’re selling or not. As the salesperson, you were the most important element to the exchange, naturally. Then, once the sale was complete, it was onwards and upwards to the […]
Next Actions

Next Actions just got smarter with new desktop notifications

At the core of OnePageCRM application is a focus on Next Actions – that one next move required to move a sale forward. While roughly 90% of sales actions are “day based” we recognize that the remaining 10% need a specific time, like meetings and call requests. Time in Next Actions So, due to popular demand (“It’s about time!” I hear some of you say) you can now set a contact’s Next Action with a […]

PRESS RELEASE: €575,000 investment to create 12 jobs at Galway company OnePageCRM

Galway-based sales management software company OnePageCRM will create 12 new jobs, as part of a €575,000 investment programme supported by Enterprise Ireland and other investors. Pictured left to right are: Michael FitzGerald, founder and CEO of OnePageCRM, Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Richard Bruton, TD and Brian O’Malley, Enterprise Ireland.


Top 3 sharing apps: Best solutions for small business

As an internet business ourselves, we rely on various apps to help us communicate, store and use data and ultimately get things done. Here are our top picks for apps that help you store and share data, collaborate and work anywhere. 1. Dropbox Dropbox is the ultimate tool in cloud storage. It places a folder on your computer which you simply drag files into. Once completed, the files are automatically uploaded to the Dropbox website. […]