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The Death of the Sales Funnel

It’s a topsy-turvy sales world out there. The sales funnel is dead, SDRs are selling to the C-suite and sales hacking has become stalking with sales tools. In this issue, we bring you the best links to help you adapt. How to train junior sales staff so that they can sell to directors: Stop sales… Read More

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The R&R Edition

Yes, the holidays are for rest and recuperation, but you can also use them to raise your game and get ready for 2016. Here are some ways to tweak your current sales techniques, or learn something completely new, in those long lazy hours at home for the holidays. The ultimate product demo guide (Attach Blog):… Read More

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Be a Better Salesperson in 2016

This year become not just a better salesperson, but a better human being. Here are a few posts to get you started. 5 Ways to Be A Better Salesperson and a better human in 2016 (Salesfolk) Being thoughtful, considerate and the right kind of weird can make people connect with you faster. How to learn… Read More

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The Social Selling issue

“Social selling is nothing new,” says Richard Harris in one of today’s featured posts. “It used to be called networking.” The difference is that you now you have a wealth of social media tools to help you network more effectively. Here are some good guides. How to use Twitter for prospecting (Datafox blog): Everyone looks… Read More

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2016 Sales Trends

It’s that time of year when sales gurus predict the most important sales trends and challenges of 2016. We bring you four of the best links. The six biggest sales trends to watch in 2016 (Venturebeat): Emails automatically tailored to a prospect’s personality, video as a B2B sales channel and the importance of cadence. Sales… Read More

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Newsletter: The Love Edition

“All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love,” said Leo Tolstoy. Our Valentine’s Day newsletter explains why selling should be an act of love, how to truly understand your buyer and what sales and metrics can teach you about dating. What sales taught me about dating (Medium): Dating requires many of the… Read More

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Newsletter: Can Sales Be Automated?

Forrester predicts that the US will lose one million B2B sales jobs to e-commerce and self-service by the year 2020. So what sales processes can, and cannot, be automated in the age of AI? 5 tech jobs machines will never be able to do (The Next Web): To avoid becoming telemarketers, sales staff need to… Read More

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Newsletter: The sales training edition

Only 7% of company training budgets are spent on improving the skills of the sales team. Yet continuous training leads to 50% higher net sales. Here’s how to do sales training well. 90% of sales training has no lasting impact after 120 days (elearninginfographics): This infographic shows how good sales training turns bad and what… Read More

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