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50 killer sales tips for 2017

Attending sales events and conferences really is one of the best ways to keep informed about current market trends and opportunities. That said, if you were to attend every event throughout the year, well… there may not be much time left for selling! With this in mind, we’ve decided to do the groundwork for you, compiling our top sales tips from this year’s events to date. 1. Kyle Porter, CEO Salesloft – On sales culture […]
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5 tips to radically improve your sales productivity

Getting smart at sales productivity means maximising your time and that of your sales team. Which of your daily tasks actually lead to profitable conversions – aimlessly scanning your social profiles, striving to achieve inbox zero (pfft), or making that one sales call you’ve been putting off? We hereby invite you to cut the noise. By streamlining processes and eliminating busywork, you can begin embracing a more productive & profitable workflow. 1. Work smart To […]

3 reasons why your sales team needs support

Blindly differentiate between sales and customer support and you’re making a huge mistake. Nowadays, the two are intrinsically interlinked. In fact, at OnePageCRM we don’t have a dedicated sales team, rather our Customer Success team encompasses both support services and sales. The Customer Success team – the sales & support hybrid With support teams now also responsible for elements like customer success and concierge-style onboarding, they have a lot of information that they can share […]
LinkedIn Clipper Removal

Important Update: Removal of LinkedIn functionality from Chrome Clipper

As of Thursday 7th of July, the OnePageCRM Chrome Clipper will no longer facilitate the copying of contacts from LinkedIn. This is to comply with LinkedIn’s terms of use.   Due to the terms & conditions of LinkedIn’s user agreement, we regret to announce that our Chrome Clipper will no longer be accessible for the network. LinkedIn has formally requested that we, along with the majority of our competitors, remove the clipping functionality which allows its […]