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5 lessons I learned from ex-Salesforce users

The availability and acceptance of SaaS model technologies mean that cloud apps, specifically cloud CRM apps, are big business. As the first to market, Salesforce maintains the majority shareholding. However, the past 16 years have seen it languish in its position as a top dog. What is it they say? Complacency is the enemy of empires.… Read More

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The secret to sales in 6 simple steps

Developed exclusively for OnePageCRM, the Next Action sales methodology is inspired by David Allen’s GTD or Getting Things Done, productivity principles. In the same way that GTD increases productivity and improves time management; when the Next Action is applied to sales, it becomes a powerful tool which focuses you 100% on taking action. By encouraging upfront… Read More

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The 7 golden rules of lead capture

As salespeople, we’re often so focused on the bottom line that we forget to monitor how our sales are originating. The smart salesperson involves themselves in every stage of the funnel, from attraction to lead capture and conversion. Brian Harris of Videofruit fame, says the first thing he does when someone hires him to help… Read More

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Why every SME needs a CRM

What is CRM? Customer relationship management (CRM) software is best described as a tracking system for your customer relationships. A CRM helps you manage your client lists by recording the sales cycle from lead to customer. A great CRM system will allow a company to automate and integrate its Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service activities.… Read More

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Boost sales calls with the OnePageCRM Speed Dialer

Welcome Cillian, a recent OnePageCRM recruit! And without stealing his thunder (sorry Cillian), we’d also like to introduce our latest mobile app, the OnePageCRM Speed Dialer. The brainchild of newbie Cillian, the Speed Dialer is built to save time and maximize impact. It is built specifically for salespeople on the go. Which came first the… Read More

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