Top 24 sales podcasts for sales people and leaders in 2017

Podcasts are now the go-to resource for the on-the-go salesperson. But with so many shows available, you want to make sure you’re investing your downtime in the right content. Below are our top picks for sales podcasts to get you selling bigger and better. 1. The Sales Acceleration Show Presented by inside sales expert, Gabe Larsen, the Sales Acceleration Show explores the science of selling across the areas of demand generation, sales, and sales operations. You can […]
sales strategy

[INFOGRAPHIC] Is your sales strategy out of step? (46% of salespeople say it is!)

What makes a high performing salesperson? A recent study of 250 salespeople carried out by the CRM reviews company, GetApp suggests that modern sales strategy may not be as far removed from the old, ‘Always be closing’, as we may have thought.. Some stats from the survey: Almost half (46%) of sales professionals surveyed see price as the number one priority for customers Less than 10% think that consumers are looking for personalized customer service […]
Red Flags

8 red flags for avoiding nightmare sales jobs

Just as companies are looking to hire the top candidates, you want to make sure the company you’re applying to meets your expectations. This is particularly important for sales positions where good company structure & processes are crucial to you meeting your bottomline. So what are the red flags you should look out for when prospecting for a sales role? Need not apply if… 1. They offer commission only roles Commission only roles, especially at […]
The top sales books of all time - Reddit - Quora

The greatest sales books of all time!

Here at OnePageCRM, we’re passionate about sales. So when users ask us for our recommendations on our top sales tips we’re only happy to oblige! We set a data analyst loose on the big sales communities of Reddit and Quora. After a huge data trawl of every post on those sites (the guy hasn’t slept in days!) he has pulled together the definitive list of the most recommended sales books of all time! We’ve ranked our […]