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Automate your lead generation with OnePageCRM

I’ve got a lot of feedback after my last article and it seems you’ve really liked the idea of integrating web forms with OnePageCRM (if you missed it just click here). This time I will show you how to add Mailchimp (a newsletter app) to our eco-system so you can start nurturing your leads and prospects as well as sending newsletters to the customers.

NEW: Assign Next Action to Team Member

The core concept of OnePage is the award-winning Next Action philosophy; assigning a next action to each contact. From today, we’ve enhanced this concept by allowing you to assign separate actions to a contact for other team members, helping you to collaborate with your team to get things done! It works great already, but we’re introducing it as beta to invite your comments and feedback. To find out more, take a look at the Tutorial […]

Connect your webform with OnePageCRM for effective lead generation

It doesn’t matter if we run a small service company or a large online shop – dealing with potential prospects and preparing them for purchase can often prove time consuming and expensive. We all strive for that ‘pre-evangelized’ lead that comes ready to purchase. This is the hot prospect that knows what your store offers and what they need. Sure, they might have some questions, but they’re already over the line in terms of intent to buy. Question […]

Dropbox and Google Drive now with OnePageCRM (plus Pipeline filters!)

We had amazing weather around here recently and seems that increased our creativity and productivity by another 200%. Energized by the sun we worked really hard and today we are introducing couple of new, really cool features. Read on to find out more! First of all you have to know that we’ve been receiving hundreds requests regarding integrations with 3rd party apps. We know how important it’s for you to fit OnePageCRM either into your […]