Introducing Administrator Role and Calendar Sync

If you spent most of the August on the holidays you might be surprised how much we improved OnePageCRM during that time. And that’s not all, as end of summer brings 2 exciting updates to OnePageCRM. We’ve just enabled them for all the users! New User Page and Administrator Role Until today all the important changes within Account (e.g. creation of Custom Fields, some account settings) must have been done by Account Owner. In response […]

Redesigned, faster access to “Account View” and new feature in Action Stream

Today, OnePageCRM was updated with 2 really cool features. Some of you might have already noticed those changes but if you haven’t, just keep on reading as we are sure they will help you a lot! Redesigned, faster access to “Account view” If you have more then 1 contact from the same company you’ve probably already noticed new icon just below your contact’s status. That icon tells you two things: More then one contact from […]

Automatically create a contact from prospect emails with Zapier

Lots of us use email as a first contact tool. We ask potential customers to get in touch by email so they could get more information on the products or services. Wouldn’t be just perfect if you could automatically create a contact in OnePageCRM from such an email, complete with the info request attached, next action and all other things? Well - it is possible!

New: Monthly recurring deals and more

Today we upgraded OnePageCRM with a couple of great features. We’ve been really busy, getting a new feature out almost every week, making OnePage even better. So what’s new? Monthly recurring payments.  From now on, in case of such, with just one additional click on your side, OnePageCRM will automatically calculate total value of the deal and will update selected months in your pipeline accordingly. Click here for short video tutorial. Print a contact. We know […]