Closing Your Sales Cycle

Sometimes, it happens that a prospect is no longer interested in your offer or that a lead is reluctant to respond to your magical sales techniques - what then? Deleting them from the database would be a bold move but the chances are that you don't want to do this - you want to keep all the records and maybe try to reach out to them again in the future - right? We have a solution!


OnePageCRM wins Twilio Fund Europe investment

Twilio, the market leading cloud communications company and Silicon Valley VC firm 500 Startups, has today announced OnePageCRM as the first recipient of their joint startup fund, Twilio Fund Europe. 

Notes updated with new tools and notifications

Today, along with new Queued Actions, we are introducing redesign notes with improved collaboration. What you will notice immediately is that Notes looks now more beautiful than ever and integrated attachments icons and basic formatting tools will help to improve productivity. The most important part of the updated Notes is Notification. From now on once you add a Note or Attachment you can decide if any member of your team should be notified about that […]

Assign Next Action to team member out of Beta! Welcome Queued Actions!

We introduced the ability to assign Next Action to other team members 2 months ago as a BETA feature. Since then, cheered on by lots of you (thanks for the amazing feedback!) we’ve shaped this feature to make it best fit you and your companies. Today, no more BETA – the real thing is here! First thing you will notice is a new, sleek design of Add Action button – now it’s definitely lighter and […]